About Us

Who we are

We are a global and innovative sports management organization focused on transforming potential soccer talent⁠ into a new generation of players, coaches, managers and agents to lead the Canadian Premier League.

Our mission

To build a network that connects Canadian community-based players and coaches with international Premier League professionals (coaches, managers and agents) and organizations (clubs, national teams, sponsors) allowing them to excel and develop their talent to its fullest potential.

Our vision

To implement a unique sports management model that bridges the development gap between the Canadian soccer industry and the world’s premier soccer network.

Our Values

Our values are an integral part of our culture, helping us to guide our decisions when we recruit, develop, asses and reward the performance of our people. These values are:

  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Integration
  • Reconciliation
  • Respect
  • Responsibility

Our Strategy

The core of our strategy is the holistic development of youth soccer talent, following a stage-based strategy to:


  • S.1 – Recruit the right talent
  • S.2 – Develop talent potential (Phase I)
  • S.3 – Select top-talented players
  • S.4 – Develop Premier players (Phase II)
  • S.5 – Represent talented players that share our values
  • S.6 – Partner talented players with committed sponsors

Our Structure

As holding corporation, our operations are divided in three business units and one non-profit unit. Each organization has defined responsibilities that are instrumental to the success of our strategy:

SaskatcheWin is responsible for the development of youth soccer talent.

SaskTeam Manager is responsible for representing talented Canadian and international coaches, as well as, training coaches through our Premier programs.

SaskInternational is responsible for representing talented Canadian and international players.

SaskGoal United is responsible for the development of Premier soccer players and community outreach projects focusing on community integration, volunteering and civic engagement, financial literacy, for kids and young adults.

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